Canes VA/757 Youth Director 8u-14u – Soup Campbell

As of Sept. 1st, 2021

14u Canes – Soup Campbell/Matt Campbell

14u Canes – Denny Chalk

13u Canes – Danny Grauer

12u Canes – Jay Ruberti

12u Canes – Don Celata

11u Canes – Mike Cooke

10u Canes – John Raynor

9u Canes – Kevin Crossman

7u/8u – Brandon Hathaway

6u/7u/8u Canes – Looking to add a current All-Star team to transition over to our Canes program. Team could be comprised of 6-8 year olds if player has the ability to play up….Call Soup at 757-869-6416